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Pseudo real-time simulation of DC grids

Download python script

Download Simba model

This example is extracted from a work realized by Maxime FĂ©lix for his bachelor degree at HEIG-VD supervised by Mauro Carpita and Daniel Siemaszko.

It proposes a graphical interface (as shown in the screenshot below) for a pseudo real-time simulation of a DC grid composed of:

  • a solar panel,
  • a load consumption (which can represent a typical house consumption),
  • a battery,
  • a connection to the AC grid.

Pseudo real time simulation is performed with successive simulations whose results are added one after the other. Each simulation is fast enough to offer pseudo-real-time rendering.


The graphical user interface has been realised with the tkinter python package. It allows to user to:

  • change the solar panel insolation,
  • change the level of load consumption (by adding or removing different loads),
  • get an estimation of the battery state of charge,
  • get the currents and voltages of the total load(I_LOAD), the solar panel (I_PV), the battery (I_BATT) and of the grid trhorugh the active front end converter (I_AFE), as shown in the figure below.

DC grid currents and voltages