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This page lists tutorials, desktop application examples and examples with the SIMBA Python Library.

# Link Title Topic
01 Getting Started
02 Creating Subcircuits and Custom Libraries
03 Modeling a System in Electrical and Mechanical Domains Mechanical
04 Modeling Coupled Inductors Electrical
05 Steady State Analysis
06 AC Sweep Analysis Control
07 Parameter Sweep Analysis
08 Using the C-code Block Control
09 Using the "C code (external file)" block for debugging purpose Control
10 Using the Controlled PWM Generator Block Control
11 Using the SIMBA Python Library Python
12 Using the Thermal Modeling of Power Switches Thermal
13 Import Thermal Library File (xml) Thermal
14 Using the Jupyter Notebook Python
15 How to Run Simulations with Parallel (Multiprocessing) Computing Python
Link Title Topology Application Topic #1
AC-DC Three-phase diode bridge AC-DC Basics
AC-DC Three-phase thyristor rectifier AC-DC Basics
DC-AC Three-phase PWM inverter DC-AC Basics
DC-DC Buck converter DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Boost converter DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Buck-boost converter DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Non-inverting Buck-Boost Converter DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Cuk converter DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Flyback converter Isolated DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Forward converter Isolated DC-DC Basics
DC-DC Buck converter (thermal) DC-DC Basics Thermal
DC-DC Interleaved Buck chopper DC-DC Basics
Permanent magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) drive inverter DC-AC Motor Drives Mechanical
DC-DC Phase-Shift Full Bridge (PSFB) Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies Control
Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies Control
Single-phase Power Factor Corrector (PFC) (with bang-bang control) AC-DC PFC Control
EV-Battery charger Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies
Totem-Pole Bridgeless Boost PFC Converter DC-DC PFC Control
Modulation strategies (Sine, SVM, Min-Max, Discontinuous) DC-AC Power Supplies Control
Three-phase PFC rectifier AC-DC PFC Thermal
From System-Level to Device-Level Simulation of a Buck Converter DC-DC Power Supplies Device-level
LLC example in closed loop operation Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies Control

Before running a python example, please make sure you have installed the SIMBA Python Library as explained in this tutorial.

# Link Title Topology Application Topic #1 Topic #2 Topic #3
01 Run Simulation DC-DC Basics
02 Parameter Sweep DC-DC Basics
03 Create Circuit DC-DC Basics
04 Open-Save Project File DC-DC Basics
05 Parallel Parameter Sweep (multithreading + multi processing) DC-DC Power Supplies Parameter Sweep Parallel Computing
06 Three-phase-inverter parameter sweep DC-AC Basics Parameter Sweep
07 Buck converter PID parameters optimization using Scipy DC-DC Power Supplies Optimization
08 Direct Current Power Flow Control DC-DC Power Supplies Control
09 Thermal Data Management DC-DC Basics Thermal Parameter Sweep
10 Benchmark with analytical computation Basics Benchmark
11 Interactive Simulation DC-DC Power Supplies Control Interactive Simulation
12 AC Sweep DC-DC Power Supplies Benchmark
13 Inverter Efficiency Map DC-AC Motor Drives Mechanical Thermal Parallel Computing
14 LLC Converter Design Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies Parameter Sweep
15 Sampled Signals DC-DC Basics
16 CSV File Import Basics File Import Export
17 Switching frequency sweep DC-DC Basics Thermal Parameter Sweep
18 Gate Resistance Sweep DC-DC Basics Thermal Parameter Sweep
19 Heatsink resistance sweep DC-DC Basics Thermal Parameter Sweep
20 Sensitivity analysis Basics Worst Case Analysis
21 Monte Carlo Worst case analysis Basics Worst Case Analysis
22 Fault analysis Basics Worst Case Analysis
23 PI tuning DC-DC Basics Control Parameter Sweep
24 Data visualization using Bokeh Basics Dataviz
25 Scrolling menu Basics Thermal Python GUI
26 CSV File Export Basics File Import Export
29 SliderWidgetBuck_CM DC-DC Basics Control Python GUI
30 Run Simba from Matlab Basics Matlab
31 Import MAT file Basics Matlab File Import Export
32 Modify a parameter during simulation Basics Python GUI Interactive Simulation
33 Interactive Simulation of duty cycle modification DC-DC Basics Python GUI Interactive Simulation
34 Optimization example with Scipy Basics Optimization
35 how to create/enter/modify a subcircuit ? Basics
36 how to read/write variables Basics
40 Monte Carlo analysis: effect of current distribution in parallel mosfets on the losses and junction temperature DC-DC Power Supplies Thermal Worst Case Analysis Parallel Computing
41 Comparision JMAG-RT Simba vs JMAG DC-AC Motor Drives JMAG Benchmark
43 Efficiency map of a motor drive inverter (including JMAG-RT model) DC-AC Motor Drives JMAG Thermal Parallel Computing