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Power Probe (3 Phases)



Used to measure or scope in 3 phases mode the Active Power (in W), the Reactive Power (in VAR), the Apparent Power (in VA).

P = \frac{1}{T} \int_t^{t+T} v_a(t) \cdot i_a(t) \cdot dt + \frac{1}{T} \int_t^{t+T} v_b(t) \cdot i_b(t) \cdot dt + \frac{1}{T} \int_t^{t+T} v_c(t) \cdot i_c(t) \cdot dt
Q = v_{a 1} \cdot i_{a 1} \cdot \sin(\phi) + v_{b 1} \cdot i_{b 1} \cdot \sin(\phi) + v_{c 1} \cdot i_{c 1} \cdot \sin(\phi)
S = v_{a rms} \cdot i_{a rms} + v_{b rms} \cdot i_{b rms} + v_{c rms} \cdot i_{c rms}

where x_{rms} is the RMS of x and x_1 is the fundamental of x


A sampling time must be specified for the power probe to work. Otherwise, an error is thrown.


Electrical > Probes


Name Description
Pin_LA Phase A Left (Electrical)
Pin_LB Phase B Left (Electrical)
Pin_LC Phase C Left (Electrical)
Pin_RA Phase A Right (Electrical)
Pin_RB Phase B Right (Electrical)
Pin_RC Phase C Right (Electrical)
Pin_P Active Power
Pin_Q Reactive Power
Pin_S S Power


Name Description
Frequency Frequency of the fundamental [Hz]