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SIMBA 2021.05

Welcome to SIMBA 2021.05! This major release focuses on improving the user experience. Among the new features, we have added support for variables and drastically improved chart cursors.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to download it.


It is now possible to define variables that can be reused in device parameter expressions.

Add Connection

New Chart Cursors Panel

The cursor interface has been completely redesigned in version 2021.05. Cursor results are now displayed in a panel below the graph where it is possible to manually adjust the cursor position.


Pro Tip

By holding down the shift key, the distance between the two cursors is maintained while moving a cursor.

New Result Filter and Signal Edit options

The new filter control allows you to filter Results and Signals by Name.

Click on the 'Edit' Button to update the name and the color of the selected signal.


Type 'X' to filter only selected signals.

Filter and Edit Signal

New Resetable Integrator Model

Integrator with the possibility to reset it to its initial value on a trigger signal.

New Example: New Interleaved buck chopper with coupled inductors

This example shows a parallel interleaved buck chopper with coupled inductors. It has two switching cells and coupled inductors with two windings.


Phase-shift of switching cells

The control signals of the two switching cells are phase-shifted of 180° as in classical interleaved buck choppers with separate inductors.

Coupled inductors and mutual coefficients

In order to minimize the maximum common flux and to get a double apparent switching frequency - which can lead to a downsizing of the magnetic circuit - the coupling between the two inductors should be such as shown in figure below:


Thus, with the classical convention of coupled inductors (which is used in Simba), a negative mutual coefficient must be considered to get this coupling and inductor currents.

Multi-User License

A new type of license is offered. Multi-user licenses offer an unlimited number of users but the total number of people accessing the product at any given time is limited to the total number of subscriptions purchased. An administration tool is available for administrators of multi-user licenses to manage which user is active. Please contact us for a quote or for more information

Multi-user license

Quality of life

In 2021.05, several bugs are corrected and the general stability of SIMBA is improved. The complete list of changes is available here.


If you are interested, you can check our roadmap and a public GitHub project is available to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.