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The Project Repository is the interface between your project data and the SIMBA file(_.simba_). The Project Repository* allows you to:

  • Open or create a SIMBA project file
  • Get the designs saved in a project file
  • Save changes
ProjectRepository(string) Open an existing repository if the file already exists or create one if the file doesn't exist.
AddDesign(Design, bool) Add a given design to the repository.
FilePath() Return the path of the repository project file
GetACSweepByName(string) Find and return the first AC Sweep test bench with a given name
GetDesignByName(string) Find and return the first design with a given name
GetDesigns() Return the Designs stored in the project file
RemoveDesign(Design) Remove the design from the repository
Save() Save the repository in the current project file
SaveAs(string) Save the repository in the given project file