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Collection of design example

ACDC_3ph_DiodeBridge() Ideal 3 phase diode bridge
ACDC_PFC_BANGBANG() ACDC_PFC_Bangbang converter
ASM_Drive_Uf_Control() ASM Drive with U/f Control
Buck_Thermal() DC-DC Buck-Choper (Thermal)
BuckBoostConverter(int, double, double, string, string, string, double) Ideal Buck-Boost Converter
BuckConverter() Ideal Buck-Converter
CukConverter() Ideal Cuck Converter design
DCAC_5LVL_NPC() 5 Level NPC Converter
DCDC_Buck_Converter_ACSweep() DC-DC Buck Converter (AC Sweep)
DCDC_Buck2() Buck Converter with parasitics
DCDC_Dual_Active_Bridge_Converter_old() DC-DC Dual Active Bridge Converter
DCDC_Dual_Active_Bridge_Converter() DC-DC Dual Active Bridge Converter (250kHz)
DCDC_Flyback() Ideal Flyback converter
DCDC_LLC_Test37() LLC Converter
DCDC_Phase_Shift_Full_Bridge() DC-DC Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter
EnableAllDeviceScopes(Design) Enable all the scopes in a given design.
GetTestDesigns() Return a collection of design examples
For performance reasons, the examples are created in different thread.
I_R_L(double, double, double) DC Current source connnected to a RL circuit
I_R(double, double) Current source connected to a resistor
Interleaved_buck() Interleaved_buck
PMSM_1() Open-Loop PMSM Drive
PMSM_FullBridge() PMSM FullBridge Drive
SR_Buck() SR Buck Converter ( C-Code)
V_R_C(double, double, double) DC Voltage source connnected to a RC circuit
V_R(double, double) Voltage source connected to a resistor
V_T_R(double, double, double, double, double) AC Voltage source connected to a resistor through a transformer